Team Appearances


The Nassau Pride is committed to giving back to the community through Team Appearances. Whether it be attending a corporate events, social events, community events, school events, or mentoring etc, the Nassau Pride would be honored to to serve at your event.

To request the Nassau Pride, please complete the form below:

 Nassau Pride Appearance Request Form

E-Mail the request form to:

Anti-Bullying Program

Stop Bullying 2.jpg

There's a lot we can do to stop bullying. Anyone and everyone can help put an end to cyber-bullying and bullying in our schools and communities.

Would you like to be involved in our Anti-Bullying Social Groups?

Come join us, share your thoughts with us and our Board Certified Behavior Analyst and help our community tackle this important issue. We would love your support as we continue to positively impact and strengthen our community!

E-Mail us at: