The Nassau Pride is a professional basketball team based in Nassau County, Florida. We are a member of the American Basketball Association (ABA).

Founded by Darrin Eakins and Dr. Jeremy Coleman, the mission of the Nassau Pride is to provide a new level of sports and entertainment to Nassau County and surrounding Florida communities. The Nassau Pride focuses on strong community involvement through enrichment and development programs. We represent more than 5 of Florida’s northern most cities, bringing together a diverse group of sports fans from around the community, as we are the county’s first professional sports team.

Dr. Jeremy Coleman - Owner

Dr. Jeremy Coleman is the Medical Director at UF Health - Yulee. A native of Nassau County, Dr. Coleman received his doctorate from Duke University. Dr. Coleman specializes in family health and sports medicine. As the Medical Director, Dr. Coleman has established everlasting community ties through medical care and philanthropy. Dr. Coleman volunteers as the team Physician at Yulee High School. He leads all business operations for the Nassau Pride and was instrumental in bringing the team to Nassau County; its first professional sports team. 

Darrin C. Eakins - Owner

Darrin Eakins is the CEO of Golden Age Innovations and the Co-Owner of HoopGrind Basketball. Mr. Eakins is a graduate of Florida A&M University. It was there where he discovered his passion sports and entertainment. Mr. Eakins is a former athlete and coach with ties throughout the business and sports industry. Leading all basketball operations for the Nassau Pride, Mr. Eakins drives an operational model that is exclusively essential to the team’s growth and success.